We are so fortunate Candice is our Realtor

We are so fortunate that Candice is our Realtor. We just bought our first new home in Oct ’16, and while it was an emotional rollercoaster, Candice was there every step of the way. At the start, she really listened to us and was able to fully understand all that we wanted in a house, even if we weren’t clear in our explanation. She was always available via text/phone/email to answer our myraid of questions. When we would look at properties, she would point out features and details that we would never have thought of, making our decision process so easy. Once we found our dream house and made our decision to put down an offer, Candice knew exactly how much to bid so that we did not overpay. Once our offer was accepted, we had no idea how confusing and intricate the escrow process is, nor how many people went into the mix. Whenever we felt flustered, Candice was there to explain what was happening and to help fix what was not right. Her incredible experience, patience, and professionalism helped make the impossible possible. WE NOW HAVE A NEW HOME!! Thank you Candice, you are awesome!!!